At Voyageur Maps we hope our maps enhance every aspect of your Boundary Waters experience, from planning before your next trip, to executing a fun and safe journey, to remembering and sharing your trip when you return home. For this reason we're in the process of producing a number of downloadable files that we believe Boundary Waters visitors will find very useful, ranging from trip-plan templates, to PDF map updates, to high resolution photo-quality map tiles.

Before your trip much of your interation with maps will likely involve reviewing our printed maps to trace our expected routes. Wealso recommend that you prepare a trip plan that can be shared with friends and family who aren't going on the trip with you. Besides giving them a chance to review and appreciate your trip, it also gives them critical information should you encounter problems and not exit the wildnerness on time. We'll be providing a trip planning template for that purpose.

We also know that the Boundary Waters is a a wilderness area that is undergoing constant change. For this reason we'll be providing, as approriate, updates in PDF format for each Voyager Maps. The updates can be downloaded in advance of your trip to see if any major changes need to be marked on your Voyageur maps.

Map 10 Update (Updated June 1, 2008)

During your trip we hope that our maps provide you with the essentials for finding your way through the Boundary Waters, as well as good reading at camp to review such topics as natural and human history.

After you return, we know you'll be sharing plenty of stories, photos, and videos with friends and family. To facilitate that interchange we've decided to make very high resolution copies of aspects of our maps available for free download in JPEG format. You'll find these downloads to be very useful for all sorts of projects: Trim them down to show your routes on your personal web page, or perhaps use them in the introductory scene of a home movie, to make a photo mosaic, etcetera.

The JPEG files will been slightly simplified to remove contour lines and portage distances so that images can be as clean as possible and reproduce well for your uses. These files will made available free of charge, but only for non-commercial uses.